FiNS - Finning is Not Sustainable

C-POD's current campaign FiNS aims to effect at a grass roots level protections to end the drive to extinction of many of the world's species of shark due to the already high and steadily increasing demand for shark fin product. The demand for shark fin soup is a highly lucrative market fueling illegal and unregulated killing of sharks by the cruel and inhumane practice known as shark finning. 

FiNS targets stemming the demand for fin products on the west coast as one step to reducing the take of sharks.  FiNS joins the effort mounted by a number of well-known international organizations to limit and eventually eliminate the global threat to sharks by reducing the demand for shark fin products.  FiNS focuses its efforts to accomplish this purpose through public education, outreach to local businesses and consumers, and legislation to ban the sale and possession of finned shark product.

See "FiNS REPORTS" for the link to this report.