C-Pod offers a variety of ways for people of all backgrounds to get involved to take action on issues threatening the ocean's diversity of marine life:

**Education*: *Help do outreach in local high school communities about the importance of protecting our ocean ecosystem, including screenings of SharkWater.

**Outreach*: *Help educate and reach out to business owners and fishing companies about the devastating practice of sharkfinning and the importance of sustainable fishing & providing those products only to the public.

**Lobbying* *Help pass laws for a statewide ban on finned shark products - training is available.

**"Eyes on the Ocean" - Fishery Observer Volunteer Program*: *Do you have special knowledge related to marine biology and/or a background in the fishing industry? Help boaters develop these sustainable practices, and become a fishery observer. One of the best ways to collect information is to put observers on fishing boats. Fishery observers are scientists who collect important information about fishing practices by accompanying fishermen at sea.

**Take Action Online*:  *The Shark Conservation Act 2008, a measure to close the loopholes in our current Shark Fin Prohibtion Act 2000 that allows finning to continue, passed from Congress to the Senate on July 8, 2008 and was referred by the Senate to the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.  Write and call the Committee members and your Senators to encourage them to pass this bill.   

              Commerce Committee Members

              Your State's U.S. Senators

**Take Action Online*: *Westchester County in New York is poised to be the first county in the United States to enact a ban on shark fins and shark products.. This pioneering legislation could create momentum to ban shark fin products in other localities. Please show your support for this proposed legislation by contacting: 

            Legislator William E. Burton  Chair, Legislation Committee 

            Legislator Thomas J. Abinanti   Chair,  Environment & Energy Committee

** Contact your state representatives to inform them of precipitous condition facing the oceans with the overfishing of sharks, and of the cruel practice of shark finning.  Urge them to take steps to ban the practice and protect the oceans thereby.

            Your State and Federal Representatives 

/To get involved, email info@c-pod.org/